What to look for in a SurfBoard

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Is your surfboard the way Eddie would go? Is it a mal or a thruster? Are you a Barney or proud to have sand for brains? Whatever! You want to have a feel for the best in surfboard products.

The Long and the Short of it

Surfboards are not all created equal. Many heavy users have more than one:

For some good suggestions of affordable surf boards check out the cheap surfboards for sale homepage. Here’s what to look for when buying surfboards.

· Short Boards come in under 7-foot. The competitors’ preference, the short board will maximize performance with fast crisp turns. It is likely to have a sharp nose and three to four articulated fins for maneuverability.

· Long Boards fall between 8 and 12-feet long which provides a lot of security to beginners and a lot of nostalgia for fans. Thick and wide, they provide a stable ride and the picture perfect image of the classic surfer.

· Funboards come in between 7 and 8-feet offering a step-up from the long board experience to the short board excitement. They come with different nose and tail shapes and are a good choice for certain water conditions.

There are squashtails, swallowtails, thumbtails, pintails, and more, each best suited for your experience or the surf conditions.

The gist of it:

Weight, buoyancy, and balance are keys to surfboard manufacturing. It might start with a thin slice of wood which is covered by layers of polyurethane or polystyrene foam.

· Polyurethane is covered with fiberglass cloth and coated with resin.

· Polystyrene boards are built of epoxy resin, often on a core of balsa.

Shaping was often achieved by hand carving and sanding, but modern manufacturing and technology have replaced that art. According to Surfing-Waves.com, “If you are 100% sure of the board that you want, you can get it from anywhere – the local surf shop, by mail order, or over the Internet.” So, do some research, admit your skills level, and spend what you can afford. If you’d like to learn more about the different types of surfboards, we have another post about it that you can check out.

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