Getting to know The Different Types of SurfBoards


Getting to know The Different Types of SurfBoards

It might be surprising for non-surfers to know that there are, indeed, different types of surfboards out there, from shortboard to hybrid. The differences between each type of surfboard do not exist merely for aesthetic purposes; rather, surfers might consider switching up their surfboards depending on the size of the wave they want to ride, or their own techniques and other factors like stability and power.

The LongBoard

Among the many different kinds of surfboards available for you to choose from, most beginner surfers might want to go with a longboard, which is the oldest and most conservative type of surfboards. True to its name, longboards are longer in size compared to other surfboards, making it easier to paddle and to catch waves. Once you have mastered basic surfing skills and techniques such as wave selection and turning through longboarding, you can then transition to smaller boards, such as shortboards.


Shortboards are arguably the type of surfboard that most people are familiar with. This is because compared to other different types of surfboards, the shortboard is the one professional surfers commonly choose when they are aiming for a high performance. Shortboards in general have a sharp nose and thin rails, measuring no longer than seven feet in length. It is one of the best surfboard choice when you want to tackle surfing in the wave’s critical sections, as well.

Alternative types of Surfboards

Aside from shortboards and longboards, you might also see less common types of surfboards serving specific purposes. A gun surfboard, for instance, is great for surfing on huge waves, while a fish surfboard is more suited to slow, weak waves known as mushy waves. There are also many different types of surfboards for more advanced surfers, such as the Alaia or the tow-in surfboard that offer different challenges.

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