Surf and Turf

surf and turf

Surf and turf is an ultimate game of thrones affair. Surfing seems like a cool laid back sport preserved for the gentlemen and noble ladies in the society. However, there is a constant territorial war in the best surfing spots. This is where the locals sabotage any attempts of an outsider to surf. Well we may argue that the sea, the oceans and their waves are gifts of nature that were given to use by God but this is not the common belief. The concept of localism has existed for many years now and the trend doesn’t seem to stop. There are surf war gangs who were also referred to as surf Nazis at some point that control the surfing of any area. The fight for surfing territory may be interesting but often gets serious.

The threats start right at the beach where outsiders are warned not to surf in the area. In the water, you would be surrounded and harassed by the local surfers and this will definitely force you to run away; leaving or carrying your surfboard with you depending on your luck. This could be fun and exciting before it gets violent. In Lunada bay in California, the territorial war is in a whole new level. You get warned not to get into the water by a number of middle aged men at the beach. If I were you I would heed this advice because failure to do this will get you into a war where you will be unarmed and outnumbered. In the water you are surrounded and forced out. Unfortunately, the spot is at the base of a number of cliffs on Palos Verdes Peninsula. You try climbing up the cliff and another group of surfers roll stones down the cliff to deter you. They can go further and vandalize your car. All the three may happen to you if you are unlucky but one or two just have to happen.

Surf and turf happens in various lucrative surfing spots in the world. Lunada Bay in California is a renowned spot for this vice. The North shore of Oahu in Hawaii is another famous spot as well as Cape Solander surf spot in Australia. There are also other smaller spots with these occurrences though not as deadly. The surf and turf concept may be incorporated to make a surfing sport in the future however the activity is too serious to be called anything close to a game.

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