Where to find Cheap Surfboards Online

It can be very difficult to find good quality cheap surfboards for sale online. When you’re going to start surfing it’s important that you get a board that’s going to stand the test of time, and chances are if you live near a surf shop their prices are probably really high. Even most of the surfboards online are extremely expensive, and if they’re not then they’re are probably poorly made and may break easily after minimal usage.

I wanted to create this page to help those of you who are really want a surf board but you don’t wanna pay $800 for one. Most of these boards I have tried myself and some of them I have heard about from fellow surfers so I know that they ride nicely. High quality surf wax can also be found here. If you want to read some interesting surf related topics then feel free to check out my new surf blog.


Girl Holding a Surfboard

Here’s my Top Picks for Low Priced Surfboards:


The WavestormTM 8′ Pinstripe Graphic Classic

Introducing the Wavestorm 8 classic style surf board. This board has a expanded polystyrene core and a very slick bottom. It’s textured traction pad makes for a very stable foot placement, and it features protection from UV sunlight so it will not fade. This is a pretty good board for this price, that’s for sure.

You can get this board for under $200. That’s really a steal.


Empire Ehukai

The Empire Ehukai Soft style Surfboard

The Empire Ehukai Soft Surfboard has a cool looking green color(also available in blue), it has a 100 percent Waterproof High density EPS Core, and it’s a whole 7feet long. I tried this board a couple summers ago and it actually impressed me how well made it was for the price.

You can also Snag this board for less than $200.


The Wahine Surfboard

The BIC Sport DURA-TEC Wahine

This awesome board is made by DURA-TEC, which is know for their durable, well constructed boards. This surfboard is a easy to ride and built for performance. It’s a softboard, so it’s perfect for beginners or intermediate surfers. It has a built-in 3D Tail-bad for increased traction and control. Pick this up if you want a higher end board that’s great for beginners who want to learn to surf.

This board can be found for less than $250, but price varies a bit depending on color and size selection.


G-sport Surfboard

The G Board EVO from BIC Sport

This one is my most expensive on our list, however it’s also my favorite board out of all of them. The deck is soft and doesn’t need to be waxed, and it comes complete with a set of tri-fin thrusters. Considering this board is soft, it’s another really solid choice for beginners. The board also has a great structure to it.

This board can be purchased for under $300, and it’s completely worth the price if you ask me.


If you’re still not sure what type of surfboard is right for you then you may want to check out my blog post entitled what to look for when buying a surfboard, and check out the video on the sidebar to gain a better understanding of how surfboards actually function.